Plymouth Kiwanis

Despite being less than 8 miles west of Plymouth, I have met people who were born and raised in Plymouth who have never set foot on The Center at Donaldson campus! It’s just the way some of our social circles play out. But we are constantly trying to get the word out that we have everything from higher education to art experiences to conferences and concerts. There really is something for everyone at every stage of their life.

Despite lots of¬†technological innovation in communication, word of mouth is still powerful. We still show up to “press palms” and “pound the pavement,” as they say. We’ll have a team on a hay wagon at the Blueberry Festival, for example.

Given that the position of Ecological Relationships is still new (<2 years), we want to get the word out about our work.

In June I had the opportunity to share with the Plymouth Kiwanis some of what we do (here’s their Facebook page). As you probably know, Kiwanis is a service organization that is all about local action to make communities better. I was struck by how positive and encouraging the atmosphere was.

We are always keeping alert for partnership opportunities, which always start with a conversation and a relationship.

If you would like us to come share about the work we are doing and ways we might be able to work together, let me know.

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