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Feeling a little busy now. Sunny days are here. Crocuses are blooming… and I’m scrambling to get the logistics lined up for spring burns.

Lots of news… below is a peak over my shoulder at what I’m reading these days. No time now to comment/blog on each of these stories individually (for what that’s worth!).

But first, a photo quiz. Any idea what we’re doing here? I spent several hours up at the Dunes Lakeshore last week…

Another (easy) quiz. What happened here? Can’t believe how lucky I was to find this scene… not staged, I promise!


Ok, now news…

1) The New York Times put together an amazing piece on Louisiana’s disappearing coastal lands: “Left to Louisiana’s Tides, A Village Fights for Time“. One quote in the story: “It is the largest ecological catastrophe in North America since the Dust Bowl.”

2) The Purdue University Climate Change Research Center just dropped the first installment of their Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment.

One particularly eyeball-popping projection is for Southern Indiana, where number of extreme heat days (>95 degrees F) is expected to rise from an average of 7 days per summer to 38-51 days.

3) The Indianapolis Star did a piece on the status of Indiana forests. I feel they covered several important ecological points quite well, although I’m not crazy with the somewhat misanthropic headline.

4) “Indiana DNR proposes to allow hunting and trapping of bobcats.” (IndyStar)

4) “Spring is running 20 days early. It’s exactly what we expect, but it’s not good.” (Washington Post)


5) Climate change events plotted against your personal life timeline.

6) “Notre Dame encouraging kids to combat climate change.” (ABC 57)

7) New data is in on overwintering monarchs. What we might do about it.

8) “Welcome to the Age of Climate Migration” (Rolling Stone). Haven’t read yet, but an eye-catching title.

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