fire season nearly over

Ok, a few more photos from the spring burn season. Click on the first photo to open up the gallery viewer, which will show the captions.

We are almost done, and have totaled 30 acres so far. Last year we managed 20 acres during the fall-spring dormant season.


Here’s an admittedly poor video from my smartphone, showing a burn in the wetland just SE of Moontree. If you look closely at the swaying cat-tail on the right, you’ll notice it’s smoking. Sure looks like a hot dog over a campfire!

The burn was patchy, burning here and not there as topography, vegetation, water levels, and wind all combined. That’s fine, as it allows for insects and animals to have spots of refuge, and creates microhabitat that are needed for biodiversity.

(I haven’t forgotten about Part 2 of the flood story. Will get there eventually… spring is busy!)




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