Inaugural “Earth Hug Boogie” in the wraps

The first annual Earth Hug Boogie week is done. Coverage can be found in the 4/23/18 edition of the Pilot News (not available online).

The week culminated in a mini-festival this Sunday, with a plant vendor, composting demo, drum circle, crafts, a nature walk, and more.

As a relative newcomer to the area, these are the sorts of people and events that truly make a community feel like home. Here’s a big shout-out to the many people that pulled this thing off!

During our nature walk we identified about 10 flowers. The iNaturalist smartphone app identified them too, without fail. Heck, it even correctly ID’d this blurry photo as a Trombidium mite, which is a whopping 4 mm wide.

We decided to do our own Earth Week programming this week, because of the Earth Hug Boogie conflict and others. More on that later… if I survive the week at all! 🙂

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