two things to celebrate as spring is in full swing

#1… our first Monarch! I saw this individual on May 23, plunging down in the tall grass, which allowed me to sneak up close. Monarchs, of course, are just one species of many that have a spectacular migratory journal. This individual probably emerged somewhere in Texas and flew up here.

(I’ll write a post later about how to distinguish the Monarch from it’s mimic, the Viceroy… I had to go brush up on my notes with this one!).

According to Journey North, the first Monarchs were reported in northern Indiana around late April to early May. With each successive generation (there are several throughout the growing season), the population increases and become more visible to humans who happen to catch them flitting about.


#2… our first solar array! Yesterday, the crew from Ag Technologies dropped off some equipment and will start construction this week. It’s been a long road (almost like… an exhausting migration?), but here we finally are… Phase 1 of our exploration into renewable energy. See the press release here.

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  1. Sister Edith Schneider

    Congratulations, Adam. Thanks for your perseverance, and leadership!
    God bless you!


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