One year later… how’s the blog doing?

After one year on the job, I started a blog. It’s been a year already! Let’s see where we are at.

My inaugural post promised 3 blogs a month. I’m proud to say I only failed once on that account, in January (2 posts). Hopefully I made up by averaging 1 post per week, for 53 total. Ok… a few were just advertisements for local events and such, but hopefully I’m getting you something to really chew on at least once a month.

The top three posts have been:
1) a post on the latest research about the diversity of macrofungi in Indiana (237 views)

2) my summary of what it was like to live with a used electric vehicle for a year (115 views)

3) our press release announcing our solar energy installation (81 views)

There are 48 subscribers, more than I had hoped! Six have joined in the last 6 months. Unfortunately, the majority of posts have fewer total views than I have subscribers… which suggests maybe people are getting the e-mail notification of a new post but never opening or reading it. Maybe I need to create more sensational (“click-bait”) titles! 🙂

As for the investment of time and energy into the site, I like the steady (and light) pressure of having to publish something regularly. It pushes met to keep communicating and writing. It’s part of what I’m supposed to do (and besides, I enjoy it! Shhh…).

Moving into the second year, I don’t particularly have any new goals or objectives. I like the balance I’ve struck so far.

But… you are the readers. What would YOU like to see over the next year? Longer posts? Shorter ones? Less scientific lingo? More? Guest writers? Leave a note in the comments section. Thanks for reading, please share!

Now, since this is my blog, I’m going to post two pictures for no particular reason other than I think they are beautiful.

3 fat Monarch caterpillars on a single Butterfly weed plant, Plymouth, IN


One really adorable child! Growing up far too fast.

18 Replies to “One year later… how’s the blog doing?”

  1. mary

    Children with hearts in their eyes and dads with butterflies in their hearts make for the Kindom which we all await.

  2. Mary

    The scientific info is what I look for. The blog is the right length. Stats about your learnings on the persistence of certain native species would be interesting. Who are the really “old timers” here anyway!

  3. Rachel Hansen

    I enjoy the pictures as much as the content of your posts. I think you’re doing a great job of keeping ecology routinely on our minds. Thank you for all the hard work that surrounds your job.

    • Adam Thada Post author

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

      If you’d ever like to guest write, I’d love to hear your voice and perspective!

  4. Sr. Shirley

    Congrats on the 1st year!
    Thanks for doing this blog and sharing your knowledge with us. Length is about right. I like the mix of scientific and informal fun topics. Photos are appreciated too. I always look forward to reading your blog! Thanks again.

  5. Sr. Shirley

    I’d like to suggest to your readership that we take the challenge to encourage at least one other person to subscribe to the blog. We’d then double the readership and extend this wonderful educational tool to others! Let’s pay it forward!!

  6. Bob

    Congrats on your first year. I appreciate your knowledge and wisdom. Your writing style is very engaging and I appreciate the science and the humor. You are a great leader for the Poor Handmaids, the Center and the overall community of Marshall County. Your blog is a great method for education.

    • Adam Thada Post author

      Thanks Bob. As a scientist-at-heart, I sometimes forget to evaluate the delivery of the data/analysis when I am in the weeds of the data themselves. I always want to remain open to hear how I sound and how I can improve delivery.

  7. Gay fiwek

    I enjoy your blog as you have been doing them. Just the right amount of scientific info and interesting ecological topics. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the great work. Your enthusiasm for what you do comes through in your writings!

  8. Sister Pauline Bridegroom

    Adam, I enjoy your blogs. One that comes to mind was at the time of the eclipse. You took us with you on your trip to get a better look. Thanks! I also enjoy learning and the things you present.

  9. Karen Thada

    I’m your mom, so of course everything you write is wonderful, especially when it includes photos of my granddaughters!

  10. Sister Edith Schneider

    I like your posts. Can-t say I always understand them, but I don-t want you to @water thyem down.@ Variety is good. Keeps us aware of the work that you, the expert, are doing for us, and when possible, spurs us on to action.

    Thanks so much!

  11. Sr. Linda

    Thanks, Adam, for inviting us to respond to your year of blogs. I have learned from and enjoyed each and every one of them – good length, great pictures and I enjoy your sense of humor that allows for the needed levity on some very serious subjects. Your blogs are written from the perspective of hope in a time of brimming chaos and loss for our planet. Please continue to keep us abreast of the energy saving ways we have invested in here at The Center at Donaldson as well as the restoration of natural beauty and diversity we are blessed with.
    Sr. Linda


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