upcoming lecture on migration, climate change, and identity

We are very excited to welcome José Chiquito as our next speaker in Ancilla College’s Lampen Lecture series!

If you are in the area, you won’t want to miss hearing from this emerging Michiana leader. José is a senior at Goshen Goshen. He recently launched the Ecotiva Collective, a movement building platform on ecojustice, identity, and food that aims to transform the narrative of marginalized communities in the Midwest.

In the age of Climate Change, Chiquito will reflect on his own journey in discovering his calling to devote his life to healing the Earth. He will unpack three core concepts that he believes are critical in the formation of his calling, Climate Change, migration, and identity. Each concept will be explored within the context of his experience to illustrate how different events, paths, and challenges intersect to create a call to action.

8 Replies to “upcoming lecture on migration, climate change, and identity”

  1. Sr. Shirley Bell

    I’d love to hear it. Any chance that it can be live-streamed?? And what’s the date and time?
    Sr. Shirley, Germany

  2. Adam Thada Post author

    Sr. Shirley,

    That’s a fantastic idea! I would just need to get the comms team and the weather and volunteers to align. Not impossible. I wanted to get a drone up today and take after-burn photos, but it’s simply too gusty at the moment.

      • Adam Thada Post author

        Sr. Shirley,

        Oh rats… I had thought you were commenting on the prescribed fire post and wanted to see a livestreamed fire!

        Being it starts in 4 hours, I’m not optimistic… but let me see what I can do. Will e-mail you if we can.



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