news round up (fall edition)

Ok, this is truly a grab-bag of various things I’ve been reading. Enjoy!

Virginia saves our kids; becomes the catalyst for electric school buses (Electrek)
Chicago startup will help test hyperlocal electric vehicle incentive in California (Energy News Network)

The City of Goshen has purchased its first electric vehicle in an effort to further test alternative fuel cars and their impact to the City’s budget and the environment.

Greta Thunberg: Why the Right’s Usual Attacks Don’t Work on Her (Vox)

Ash tree species likely will survive emerald ash borer beetles, but just barely (

Huge decline in songbirds linked to common insecticide (Nat Geo)

Jeff Bezos is quietly letting his charities do something radical — whatever they want: Is that good? Is that bad? It’s definitely unusual. (Vox)

Indigenous Plant Agriculture – great insights from a pioneering restoration ecologist in OH.

Effect of Prescribed Fire on Timber Volume and Grade in the Hoosier National Forest (Purdue University Research) … ” Our results suggest that prescribed fire has a minor economic impact on standing timber, particularly when timber is harvested within two decades of the first fire. “

Prairie Resilience on Display (The Prairie Ecologist)

Indigenous Maize: Who Owns the Rights to Mexico’s ‘Wonder’ Plant? (Yale Environment 360)

How Solar Got Cheap (Planet Money podcast on NPR)

Bringing Together Young And Old To Ease The Isolation Of Rural Life (NPR)

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