solar + pollinators

We’ve been working on developing a bed of blooming native species underneath the first phase of our solar arrays. I overseeded them last winter & this is the first growing season.

I hope we can really use this as a test site to enable other institutions to do the same, and do it well. I adapted frmo this great guidance document from Minnesota DNR. But the overall concept is simple enough: pick native, low-growing species that bloom throughout the growing season, use very occasional mowing/spraying to keep woodies & invasives out, and sit back and enjoy the ecological benefits!

I’m submitting and abstract for an upcoming ecological conference. They’ll be more data & details in time. But I want to just show off some of the plants that are still blooming as of Oct. 7th, and the many small visitors they are supporting. Our pastures have lots of grass – which is obviously great for the intended purpose of grazing – but almost nothing in bloom right how. Hopefully these little flower islands can make a difference.

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  1. Sr. Linda Volk

    How lovely that our Creator allows us to co-create.
    The photos are beautiful with the promise of more new life .

  2. Sister Edith Schneider

    It’s so exciting to feel your excitement as these beauties grow. Your enthsuaism helps wake many of us up to WANT to understand and grow in appreciation of nature’s beauties.

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