There are a lot of quotes that could be shared from Rev. Dr. King on his day of celebration, today. His life was an inspiration for our nation… as a movement leader, a Christian preacher, an American icon.

A good practice would be to simply read his “Letter From Birmingham City Jail.” It’s short enough to read and reflect on before work or after dinner, but long enough to be more than a few inspirational lines.

I was e-mailed a blog post this weekend from an Indianapolis author reflecting on the history behind MLK’s most famous speech.

His reflection is called “I Have a Demand” and I’d thought I’d share it here.

King wasn’t murdered because he was a moderate, extolling a “can’t we all just get along” philosophy.  King was killed for his demands and not his dreams.

King did not mount those steps in 1963 to celebrate a dream.  King came to collect a debt.  And, like him, a part of me wishes he had never added those words about his dream…

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