UPDATED: Get Outside! (an impromptu resource for local kids)

(April 8 update: just published Episode 5 on honeybees)

Quite suddenly, everyone in Indiana is homeschooling! Or at least e-learning. Schools are shutdown, and the Governor has ordered residents to shelter in place for 2 weeks, with a few exceptions.

No play dates. Nowhere to take the kids. What’s a parent to do?

Kids in our local area don’t live in high rise apartments, so there’s something green nearby for everyone. Spring is breaking, and it’d be a shame if we all missed it. For those with the time and resources, parks are still open. Closer still, why not step outside the front door and see what we could find?

a whole tiny world, under a rock

I decided to create a series of short videos for kids to watch, especially those in Marshall County and the surrounding areas. My goal is to 1) inspire kids to get outside & make their own discoveries and 2) start asking questions.

Please share with local families and school teachers. I would love for them to send me questions that they have about the things I talk about, or whatever they see outside. Then I can do custom videos on what that child or class finds interesting.

I’m going to see if I can work with some editing software to include photos, voiceovers, etc. I struggled to find a name & format that was interesting without being to campy, but oh well. But for now, time is of the essence and I just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone was interested.

Inquiries & comments can be sent to athada at poorhandmaids dot org. Thanks!

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