NW Indiana Virtual Weed Wrangle

After lunch today, I took a 1/4 mi walk over to the cemetery woods next to my neighborhood. I put on a podcast and walked around uprooting invasive Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus) seedlings. Burning Bush is a common landscaping shrub, but we now know that this non-native species invades natural woodlands and decreases their biodiversity. Existing plants should be removed and replaced with a native stand-in.

uprooted Burning Bush plants
note the distinct corky twigs and branchlets

The weed pulling was not part of a grand management program, but I found it a welcome respite from the work-from-home isolation of a computer screen in my garage. I felt much better prepared for online work after setting my hands to pulling and getting my eyes on the 3D world.

You can do it too!

4 Replies to “NW Indiana Virtual Weed Wrangle”

  1. Sr. Joetta Huelsmann.PHJC

    Yes I have been enjoying my daily walks, enjoying the spring flowers that are beginning to bloom and the tree frogs voices that I can hear in the distance.

  2. Karen Thada

    Pulled my first garlic mustard this week – right by the house, next to the AC unit. Sneaky little devils!


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