Following the Wisdom Way of Knowing: Being Present to Our Global Home in Crisis: Climate Change and the Pandemic.

Please join us for this online event at Moontree Studios (register here).

Wednesday, April 22nd from 10AM until 12PM ET.  Price will be $10.

Alan Krema, of the Wisdom Way of Knowing and Contemplative Outreach Chicago, will engage us with tools of Wisdom Knowing to enter into the conscious work of being present to and aware of our relationship with the Earth.  We will participate in various breathing, body, chanting, and centering practices to physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare participants to hold an interior awareness of the issues and challenges associated with our global home. 

Director of Ecological Relationships at The Center in Donaldson, IN, Adam Thada, will discuss the insights of contemporary science as they pertain to climate change and how living systems will likely be impacted. 

We will especially include holding of our global home at this time of pandemic crisis and how we are coming to know with more and more of our Being what our planetary home is telling us.

This will be an online zoom videoconference.  It will be approximately two hours in length.  

We realize that money might be tight right now, so we have MoonTree scholarships available. Please email: to request one.

We will send an email to all participants prior to the date which will include the Zoom link from Alan. 

Thank you!

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