I started working on a post that assembled a lot of birding observations from this spring. Lots of fun & beautiful stuff, but I’ll save it for another time.

In this time of social upheaval, I don’t want to be tone deaf by posting what may be received as trivialities. I watched a friend with Black children practically begging friends and family on social media today to respect the right of her children to exist in this world. While I am also concerned for my own children, the differences here are obvious. And it is a serious time.

The only thing I can think to share at the moment is #BlackBirdersWeek:
The campaign was sparked by the viral video in which a white woman threatened a Black birder in New York’s Central Park, announcing that she was calling the police “to tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life[organizers] hope to boost visibility of Black nature enthusiasts, highlight the value of racial diversity and promote dialogue within the larger (and largely white) birding community. ” (more about #BlackBirdersWeek here)

I have been following the work of an amazing young biologist named Corina Newsome (@hood_naturalist) since I first saw her on Twitter. See her announcing #BlackBirdersWeek in this short video.

Follow #BlackBirdersWeek to see what people are posting.

Don’t know that I have much to add now, other than this nest a co-worker found today in a wetland, followed by some links.

Birding While Black: J. Drew Lanham on race, belonging, and a love of nature

9 Rules for the Black Birdwatcher by J. Drew Landam (satire)

Diversifying Conservation (The Prairie Ecologist)

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  1. Linda Volk

    Thanks for the links, Adam. I followed and enjoyed the BlackBirders Week.
    This is an example of the word integral describing ecology which covers more than just the environmental aspect and weaves it way through all of life.


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