3 year blog retrospective

Well, this blog has passed it’s 3rd birthday, clocking 166 posts, or about one a week. Let’s look at the numbers.

In total, we are at 7,394 views and 368 comments. Averaging about 5 views per day, though that has crept up to 10/day in 2020 (quarantine, anyone?).

81 subscribers, so it’s good that we saw some growth continuing after year 1, when we had 48.

a freshly-laid Monarch butterfly egg (small white dot with a slight shadow) dries on a Common Milkweed leaf

What were the top posts? This requires a little asterisk. Subscribers get an e-mail notification with the entire text of the post included, so I know some folks just read (or skim) in their e-mail, then delete. This is often what I do with other blogs I follow. If the post is something you want to read, I encourage you to click the title so it opens in a web browser. Sometimes the formatting isn’t right in the e-mail, or I’ve edited the post; additionally, you can’t see the videos I’ve embedded. The official page only count actual page visits from a browser, but should still serve as a relative barometer of what people are reading and sharing.

Year 1 (Jul 17 – July 18): ~53 posts

The top posts were a post on the latest research about the diversity of macrofungi in Indiana (237 views), my summary of what it was like to live with a used electric vehicle for a year (115 views), and our press release announcing our solar energy installation (81 views). We had 48 subscribers after the first 12 months.

Year 2: (July 18 – July 19), ~49 posts

No big hits this year. The top posts were “Integral Ecology comes to TCAD” (70 views); “a wee cold spell,” when we hit -18 deg F (54 views); and “birds!” which was just photos of birds from my Florida vacation (46 views).

Year 3: (July 19 – July 20), ~64 posts

Top posts were the announcement of my eco-ed video series (“Get Outside!”) for kids stuck at home during quarantine (206 views), “immigrants: the essential workers our food system can’t survive without” (154 views), and “do solar panels work in the winter?” (88 views)

I think I’ll keep going!

the wildflowers are really taking off during the 4th growing season of this prairie planting!

3 Replies to “3 year blog retrospective”

  1. Claire Whalen

    I do read most of your blogs, Adam, and appreicate the variety of input you offer. I don’t often write comments though. don’t know if I am counted among your data.

    • Adam Thada Post author

      Thanks for writing Claire! If you are commenting, that counts within the data, as well as a site visit.

      Of course, I don’t mind if someone is reading within the e-mail and not clicking for an additional site visit… I think by looking at several metrics of engagement I can get a feel for things.

      Even if engagement were minimal, it’s still valuable to me to aggregate thoughts and see what emerges.

  2. Sr. Shirley

    Hi Adam,
    Thanks for the 3 year summary. Yes, keep on, keeping on. I like reading the posts I’m most interested in and learn SO MUCH! Thanks for doing this.


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