what we captured with Indiana DNR’s Project Snapshot

For the 2nd year, we participated in Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Project Snapshot program. “Snapshot Indiana is a volunteer-based trail camera program designed to collect information about a variety of wildlife species on private property in Indiana. Photos collected by volunteers provide insight into trends in wildlife populations.”

The camera was placed a couple hundred yards from Moontree Studios along a game trail, recording images for 30 days and nights. Protocols for camera placement, duration, and settings were strictly followed to ensure the DNR gets high-quality data.

I’m a big fan of citizen science. There are so many opportunities for the public to get engaged with real scientific work.

view from the game trail to the camera
view from the camera to the game trail

They shared the best photos with us. What do you think?! My favorite is the Screech Owl! They are locally common birds, but don’t appear on camera often.

racoons… always abundant, fertile, and prosperous

I also enrolled as an private landowner myself and put the camera on my property.

Apparently there are lots and lots of deer. A racoon and a squirrel were also captured. Was hoping for a fox or coyote, but no luck this time.

“hey… don’t judge! have you ever tried growing these things?!”

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  1. Sr. Shirley Belll

    What a treasure to be able to capture these night photos. The animals seem to pose for the camera. Love it!


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