a solar inauguration

Sorry, I am several days late to posting this. If you are confused by this picture that we arranged at Moontree Studios, then read here. And yes, those mittens were lovingly hand-knit by my mother-in-law, with buckskin leather palms!

I don’t know about you, but we really needed this moment of levity!

8 Replies to “a solar inauguration”

  1. Linda Volk

    I enjoyed with a wide grin.
    However, would love to have also seen you in the bright yellow coat and red headband.

  2. Roscinda

    Those are the ‘nicest’ mittens, I envy you having them. She does such lovely work with the best of yarns, if not all I’ll bet there is alpaca in them. I wonder if she even spun the wool, she has that talent. Put a smile on my face for a lot of reasons, meme or not. To look at life so ‘easily’, the what we ‘need’ not the what we ‘want’. Living life to the fullest in the cleanest way, love those panels!


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