first frogs calling!

Ok, now it’s springtime!

These are the first Chorus Frogs (Pseudacris triseriata) that I’ve heard calling this year. The location is a small depression within one of our pastures. The air temperature was 61 degrees Fahrenheit when I heard them. Most of the snow and ice has finally melted, although a few patches remain.

Regular readers may remember that it was almost a year ago that we conducted a nighttime frog survey, right before Indiana entered our coronavirus lockdown.

For a neat audio/visual representation of the different frogs and their calling seasons, click here.

Our own Adam Calhoun recently captured a flock of migrating Sandhill Cranes practicing their dance moves in our corn fields. Apparently this dance involves flinging chunks of manure up in the air. Hey… who am I to judge their culture? It seems to work for them.

Sandhill Cranes dancing (photo: Adam Calhoun Photography)

You’ll notice that the birds are already somewhat two-toned. Only one of the colors is their actual plumage; the other is decoration. Here’s a video from a year ago where we caught them putting on such body paint. Between camouflage and dancing, Sandhill Cranes are obviously great patrons of the arts!

3 Replies to “first frogs calling!”

  1. Mary

    Adam, you have a wealth of attachments. It’s so fun to remenisce. Calhoun deserves kudos. I keep thinking how important this is to our ecological awareness and thinking integrally.

  2. Sr. Shirley

    I love hearing the songs of frogs and seeing the Sandhills cranes. The photos by Adam Calhoun are terrific!! Yeah, spring is almost here!!

  3. Chris Rohaly

    Thanks for posting, Adam. What a great shot of the cranes! We’ve been hearing (and sometimes seeing) large migrating groups headed your way lately.


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