Mountain bike and hiking trail opens by Plymouth (SB Tribune article)

I’m very happy to see The Trails at Mill Pond highlighted by the South Bend Tribune today. Here’s a link to the article.

Glad also to see that it featured our neighbor and active Flat Lake Watershed member Eric Howard. (Flat Lake is a waterbody that is downstream from PHJC property, and our watershed group helps coordinate stewardship in the vicinity with habitat improvements, trash clean-ups, water monitoring, and hunting).

Here’s hoping we can continue the momentum for the Marshall County Park and Recreation Department!

opening day! with more improvements to come…

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  1. Roscinda

    How wonderful, now I need to fix my back tire! I’m VERY ready for a good ride. Thanks for keeping me abreast of these stories. I’m less stressed not ready or listening to the news but I miss a lot. Thanks again.
    Peace be with you


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