Another float on the Tippe

The other week I had the pleasure of collaborating with several other stewards, educators, and volunteers of the Arrow Head Country Resource Conservation & Development.

For over 25 years, Arrow Head Country has been getting public school high school kids out on the Tippecanoe River to learn about water quality, forestry, river flora and fauna, and more. I wrote about this in 2019 (and also when they gave us a grant for wildlife cameras), so I won’t go on, but this definitely gets high marks from me not only for quality but also for longevity. As Kurt Vonnegut wrote, “Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.” I’m simply impressed by the committee who keeps this vitally important service chugging along, year after year. It’s relevance has not diminished one iota. Unless people know and love something, they aren’t likely to care for it.

God bless the many maintainers in our society!

Photos credit of Shannon O’Farrell.

The coronavirus pandemic cancelled the float in 2020, but that didn’t stop the crew from filming a 5 minute piece that summarizes many of the topics paddlers typically learn.

3 Replies to “Another float on the Tippe”

  1. Sister Kathleen Kelley

    Thank you Adam for sharing – love the pictures and information. Blessings as you continue to inform and share your knowledge. Sister Kathleen Kelley

  2. Mary

    Thanks for giving credit to these maintainers, Adam. It truly is a valuable tool for water education.
    Kudos to the quiet, behind the scenes
    Arrowhead folks…and the SWCDs.


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