news update: late winter edition

Only the growth of a global appreciation for our common human past will wipe out assumptions that a site belongs to the person who temporally owns the land above it.

Ellen Herscher, “A Future in Ruin” (1989)

What I’ve been reading/watching lately…

Study: Gas stoves worse for climate than previously thought (AP) Gas stoves are contributing more to global warming than previously thought because of constant tiny methane leaks while they’re off, a new study found. The same study that tested emissions around stoves in homes raised new concerns about indoor air quality and health because of levels of nitrogen oxides measured.

You don’t want a gas stovetop (Vlogbrothers 4 min video)

How I’m helping to save the birds by keeping chickens (be warned – this is satire, and spot-on 🙂 )

What’s driving the remarkable decline of urban sprawl in the US? (Fast Company) A new study finds that a primary culprit has been rising gas prices—spurring denser development in communities across the country.

Proposals could give South Bend one of the largest indoor farming campuses in the Midwest (South Bend Tribune) The city council gave a unanimously positive recommendation Monday night for two tax abatements that could put South Bend at the epicenter of the hydroponic produce market in Indiana, and possibly the Midwest, for years to come. 

Conversion of Minnesota grasslands to crops threatens wildlife, water, climate (StarTribune, MN) Across the state, conversion of key biome into crops threatens wildlife, water and climate. 

Environmental Groups are Enthusiastic About New Actions Taken by the Federal Government Regarding Coal Ash Disposal in Indiana (Indiana Env Reporter)

Climate Change Is Already Rejiggering Where Americans Live (The Atlantic) Some Hurricane Ida survivors may have no choice but to leave. Sooner or later, people across the country will be in the same bind.

Get a free charge for your electric vehicle: Mishawaka and Goshen get EV chargers (South Bend Tribune)

In the misinformation wars, renewable energy is the latest to be attacked (NPR) The spread of misinformation about solar and wind energy is leading some states and counties to restrict or even reject projects. The Energy Department calls it a key threat to decarbonizing the grid.

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